Brasserie im Stadtgut demonstrates a pioneering spirit for healthy indoor air

Brasserie im Stadtgut demonstrates a pioneering spirit for healthy indoor air

Good food often goes hand-in-hand with socialising. And at Brasserie im Stadtgut you can enjoy both. The team assembled around Heike Kuttner feeds around 90 hungry guests every day. And this was also the case in the middle of the fading omicron wave. It was made possible on the one hand thanks to the immense effort of the team, and on the other because the brasserie implemented a new indoor air concept at the beginning of the year.

We serve our customers healthy and tasty creations, and now in healthy, clean air.

"We are a meeting place for countless companies here in the Stadtgut. Many teams meet at our tables at lunchtime. Not just from different departments, but also from different companies. If an infection were to break out here, the consequences would be devastating. It could trigger a chain reaction and result in entire departments within multiple companies shutting down – including ours. And we don't want that. That is why we looked for ways to prevent such chain reactions. Our new room air concept now does exactly that: we serve our customers healthy and tasty creations and now also healthy, clean air," explains Heike Kuttner, the owner of Brasserie im Stadtgut.

Room air and virus protection filters ensure healthy room air in gastronomy

Heike Kuttner is talking about the Kappa Puron® SC room air filter, a high-performance room air filter with HEPA class H14-certified filter elements. This certification guarantees that 99.995% of all airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and pollen are filtered. Out of every 100,000 particles, only five will manage to pass through the filter elements of the Kappa Puron® SC. Thanks to this top notch filtration property and a high air output, the room air can be continuously cleaned. The design of the appliance also ensures a 360-degree effect. During operation, high air quality is quickly established. As a second pillar, the brasserie has equipped its ventilation system with Kappa Wavebionix® filter elements. This is the first filter element that was tested with live viruses. OFI Vienna, the independent Austrian research institute for chemistry and technology, came to the impressive conclusion that Kappa's innovation eliminates 97.2% of all viruses. This is crucial for the operation of ventilation systems. Conventional and poorly maintained ventilation systems often add a certain amount of recirculated air to the fresh air. As a result, these facilities essentially function as virus distribution centres. The installation of a Kappa Wavebionix® counteracts this, as it collects and centrally retains the viruses. All conventional air treatment systems can be retrofitted with the Wavebionix®.


Healthy indoor air is essential for customer satisfaction in gastronomy

Heike Kuttner took the start of the Omicron wave as an impetus to adapt her existing room air concept to future requirements: "Healthy room air is an essential part of today's gastronomy. Unfortunately, the virus has left some people without a sense of taste. But it also increased the awareness of a need for healthy air. More and more guests are proactively asking me about our hygiene concept. And I'm happy to be able to tell them that, in addition to the usual measures, we are also actively paying attention to the indoor air. Thanks to our investment, our guests can fully focus on their conversations and the taste experience in front of them. And with it a piece of normality."


Brasserie im Stadtgut company profile

Brasserie im Stadtgut was opened in 2019. Since then, Heike Kuttner and Georg Pettermann have been catering to 90 guests there every day on average. The menu ranges from classic Austrian cuisine, such as Wiener Schnitzel, to oriental dishes, such as couscous salad and shakshouka. The brasserie relies on regional and sustainable nutritious, ingredients. Aside from the delicacies it serves, the brasserie also acts as a meeting point for out-of-office discussions and ensures that residents and sports enthusiasts also have somewhere to socialise.


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