The Haut- & Laserzentrum (Skin & Laser Centre) Berchtesgadener Land, in Bavaria, plays a pioneering role in terms of excellent air hygiene.

The Haut- & Laserzentrum (Skin & Laser Centre) Berchtesgadener Land, in Bavaria, plays a pioneering role in terms of excellent air hygiene.

Its waiting rooms are often fully packed, especially in winter. The people in the waiting room sit in close proximity to each other. This increases the risk of airborne infection. Not only by the coronavirus, but also other pathogens. Viruses and bacteria spread by means of aerosols and fine dust. These can often keep them airborne and infectious for hours. In the medical field, which has always been aware of hygiene issues, air hygiene concepts are now becoming even more important. When used correctly, such concepts actively prevent possible infection by pathogens.

Dr. med. Helmut Hahn, dermatologist and partner at the Haut- & Laserzentrum, recognised this at the beginning of the pandemic and acted accordingly: "Optimal air hygiene is key to working safely in the practice. COVID-19 has shown us that a chain reaction can occur in a company if there is an outbreak of a viral infection. To protect both patients and our team, we immediately invested in room air filters for our skin and laser centre. While other practices had to close, we were able to stay open."

A room air filter in the office for healthy room air

Dr. Hahn is talking about the Kappa Puron® SC room air filter, a high-performance air cleaner with HEPA class H14 filter elements. This certification guarantees that 99.995% of all airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and pollen are removed. Out of every 100,000 particles, only five will manage to pass through the filter elements of the Kappa Puron® SC. Thanks to this top notch filtration property and a high air output, the room air can be continuously cleaned. The intelligent design ensures 360-degree effectiveness. During operation, a high indoor air quality is achieved very quickly.

Dr. Hahn is also impressed by how quiet the device is. which is less than 42 dB(A). This roughly corresponds to the sound level of a refrigerator. Thanks to its compact shape, the Kappa Puron® SC is highly versatile: it can be used in the waiting room and reception area, as well as in treatment rooms. The room air filter not only guarantees good air, but also trouble-free processes.

Removal of harmful substances during laser treatment Laser treatment releases laser smoke and odours, as well as gaseous emissions and fine dust.

These particles are so fine that they can be inhaled and penetrate into the smallest branches of the lungs. For this reason, Dr. Hahn uses mobile filter units with suction arms in order to directly collect the pollutants resulting from laser treatments. The emissions are almost completely filtered out by the high-performance filter systems. In the Haut- und Laserzentrum, laser filter systems are another essential component to ensure optimal air hygiene.


Air hygiene is essential for the future of our practice

Dr. Hahn took the start of the pandemic as an impetus to adapt the centre's existing air hygiene concept to the given requirements: "Air hygiene is an essential part of a modern medical practice. Our air hygiene concept is based on two pillars: recording emissions during laser treatment and continuous cleaning of the indoor air using room air filters. Thanks to this holistic approach, we were able to stay open throughout all phases of the pandemic. But even going forward, this enables us to stay focused on what matters. And that is the patient."


Haut- & Laserzentrum Berchtesgadener Land – Dr. med. Helmut Hahn

Dr. med. Helmut Hahn is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with additional qualifications in allergology, aesthetic dermatology, outpatient surgery, laser medicine and natural healing methods. In Freilassing, he and his team of doctors run the Haut- & Laserzentrum Berchtesgadener Land. The focus of the medical institution is on the prevention and treatment of all skin and vein diseases, as well as all forms of skin damage and skin cancer. The centre relies on the latest laser technology with almost all available wavelengths and pulse lengths.


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